What is Amberdata?

    Your platform for blockchain health and intelligence. Operate with confidence.

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    Live Monitoring & Insights

    • Rich blockchain metrics & analytics

    • Quantitative statistics, relationships & audits

    • Dashboards and reporting

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    Contracts & Applications

    • Automated security audits

    • Metrics for user adoption & user growth KPIs

    • Contract inspection & debugging

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    Availability, Integrity & Consensus

    • Validate blockchain data integrity

    • Compliance & regulatory reports

    • Alerting customized to business KPIs

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    Hello Blockchain Analytics

    Amberdata connects with multiple blockchains & contracts, giving valuable information catered to you.

    This is your window into public Ethereum, upcoming ICO’s and private blockchains like Enterprise Ethereum (Quorum).

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    Let’s Get Started

    Setup your blockchain analytics

    See your blockchain data in a few easy steps:

    1. Install our package: npm i amberdata
    2. Setup API key
    3. Add data triggers
    4. See your dashboard!

    Amberdata for Enterprise

    Realtime data API

    Connect your trading logic with our fast custom data sets to outpace other traders. Don’t get left behind, use our smartest & fastest API today.

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    Private or permissioned instances

    Configure and deploy a dedicated Amberdata instance, allowing a fully customized view of your blockchain.

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